Qool CMS Features List

The biggest advantage of using a CMS (content management system) for your website is the ability to control your content separately from the layout or design. With a powerful CMS like Qool, you can add, change, and remove text, images, and plug-ins in your site without installing any proprietary software or paying a third-party. Because of the simple administration and editing tools in Qool, you can run and edit any kind of site, personal or business, without learning HTML, CSS, programming, or web design. There are other CMS solutions out there, of course, but Qool has some unique features that make it a great option for websites of any size, from small to enterprise:

Easy Templating

Qool CMS is able to use 5, (yes five!) template engines. Are you font of PHP templating, Smarty templates or Twig ones? You really like a WordPress theme? Qool supports them all. Just choose your desired template engine and start creating your own themes.

TinyMCE with 2 filemanagers

Use the advanced rich-text editor (TinyMCE) in Qool to compose all your content in a full-featured, customizable writing environment. You can use the filemanager (elFinder) to manage files and images from within the editor.

Template Reserved Slots

A template can have reserved slots so that you can put widgets to run on them. Complete drag & drop interface on the admin panel to manage widgets positions and contents. Addons and Modules can also have their own widgets.

Automatic Caching

Qool can cache objects in order to speed up the system and can also cache templates. If you use a Smarty or a Twig powered template, the pages will open up before you blink your eyes.

Content Type Creation

You need a blog, a music group fan site where you need to have playlists, a corporate site with attached documents or a download site where you want the users to download files... No problem, Qool can create content types on the fly.

Custom Taxonomies

With Qool taxonomy system, you can categorize or tag your content with custom taxonomies. Just go and create taxonomies, create a taxonomy data field for a content type and you are ready to use taxonomies with your content.

Menu Management

The CMS can create and manage menus of any type. You can nest menus on any depth, you can set a menu item to hold a taxonomy tree or the latest content items of a specific content type.

Excellent File Manager

Ever wanted to have the power to do anything with your files from within your CMS? Qool can do this with it's excellent filemanager (elFinder). Upload, edit, compress or decompress your files right from the admin panel.


Qool can be translated to any language you want. The language files are simple XML files ( no need to become a Linux user to use Po editors anymore ) . The great news are that Qool can be translated from within the admin panel too. You can also have one language for the backend and another for the frontend.

Granular Priviledges

With Qool, you can set priviledges on nearly anything on the system. Addons, Modules and Widgets can be set to be visible on specific usergroups. You can create unlimited user groups and change user priviledges on the fly.

Powerful Extension Framework

Qool can be extended in many ways. Through addons and modules to template functions. Our powerful hooking system can be used by addons and modules to intervent on the default functionality and extend the system in numerous ways.

 Feed exporting

Qool can export all it's content types in Atom or RSS format. You can also use this feature to build a portal homepage with latest items from any content type you wish throygh feed widgets.


You can choose from 4 different CAPTCHA systems to prevent robots from submiting forms. The available CAPTCHA systems are: Reversed strings, Figlets, Images or ReCaptchas.

Template Editor

You can edit template files from within the admin panel. Just navigate to the layout section and open up a file for editing. You will be able to edit it using an excellent code editor (editArea) with highlight support.

Qool Mailto App

Go to the user's administration section and pick a user you want to email to. Click on the user's email and send your message. It is really that simple.

Extendable User Profiles

Add as many profile fields you want your users to have. You have a Nirvana fan site and you want your users to have the ability to choose their favorite Nirvana song? You can do it in less than 2 minutes.

Solid and Simple Dashboard

The Qool Admin Dashboard is a place that can help you be informed of everything you need to. Addons can add dashboard widgets by utilizing hooks.

Admin Shortcuts and Tasks Creation

The admin can create shortcuts to the most used places in the admin panel or external links. The admin can also create tasks and notes and manage them by using the shortcuts bar located at the bottom of the admin panel.